The members of Greenisland Local History Class who compiled this book were: Margaret Addis, Collette Brock, Robin Cameron, Irene Carson, Billy Carson, Angela Campbell, Rosemary Colvin, Doreen Corcoran, Phyllis Foster, Letitia Hurley, Martha Maginty, Josephine McFadden, Betty McNabb and Sam Noble.

A big thank you goes to class member Marjory Edgar (our Editor in Chief) for her IT skills in producing this book.

Special thanks go to our Tutor Karen McCartney and all the staff of the Ulster Peoples’ College, to Kate McAllister, NEELB Life Long Learning and Training Officer for all her help, support and editing and to NEELB for the use of premises and resources.

Thanks to those who supplied information and to those who where interviewed. Derek Catney (Victoria Homes Trust), Bertie Duff, Robert Gilliland, Anna Johnston, Mr and Mrs McKay, Richard Meek, Pat O’Neill, Sister Rose, Mr Stirling (Greenisland Primary School), Guy Warner, Maggie Watson, Maureen Weir and Timothy Wilson.

Thanks to the following for generously allowing us to use their photographs for the book.

Bert Anderson, Joan Caldwell, Sarah Clawson, Anna Craig, Helen Evans, Dave Finlay, John Greer, Sheela Speers, Mr and Mrs BC Kelly, John McIntyre, Miss Moth (Silverstream Primary School), Mr And Mrs James O’Grady, Bernadette Owens, Sylvia Price and Richard White.

Thanks to Mark Edgar for photographing Greenisland as it is today and to James McIntyre for allowing us to use his sketch of the Knockagh.

Acknowledgement to The Deputy Keeper of the Records, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland for the use of the Campbell Allen Papers (D/1558), D/1558/8/1 2-12, D/1558/12/3-4, 5-6 and D/1558/1/4/7.

Funding has been provided by the NI Community Relations Council with assistance from the European Union Special Support Programme.


Bardon, J.A. (2005) A History of Ulster. Belfast. Blackstaff Press.

Bew, Paul et al. (1979). The state of Northern Ireland 1921-72: political forces and social classes. New York. St. Martin's Press.

The creation of this book was only possible by the contributions of many people. If you have helped in any way and we have forgotten to mention you please accept our apologies and our thanks.

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